First Impressions of Tumblr


72 tumblr
‘T’ is for ‘Tumblr’

After creating my Instagram account and deciding it wasn’t really for me, I made a Tumblr account a couple of hours later. I’d had previous experience using Tumblr since the Cass blog I was updating for the 2017 Summer Show was created on the platform in question. I had no prior knowledge of it, but was able to quickly and easily upload my articles with pictures.

When I created my own Tumblr account, I quickly found that I was integrating myself into a vast network of bloggers with wildly varying levels of respect for intellectual property. You have people posting al their favourite fan art of the Ninja Turtles next to professional illustrators. You have people starting webcomics and people uploading Marvel and DC Comics pages. There are fan blogs for anything and everything and Tumblr has a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) filter available to help you figure out if you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole.

72 yeti
Random webcomic that makes me laugh. Check them out at

I tagged a few things I had an interest in when creating my account, so now my ‘feed’ is full of gorgeous illustrations of cityscapes, architecture, silly cartoons and comic book fan art, among other things. One guy keeps putting dogs in hats. And that’s why Tumblr feels like a good fit. I mostly sketch fan art these days while I try to figure out my preferred tools and techniques. No one’s going to look twice at me posting pictures of the Ninja Turtles, and in fact, there will people who might reblog my stuff.

72 street
Beomjin Kim’s work as hown on the Tumblr blog: the Art of Animation. It posts tonnes of cool artists for me to be inspired by.

Even when I was working on the university’s blog I was seeing fan art for Sonic the Hedgehog that had me thinking ‘this place feels almost like home…’ Since getting on Tumblr, I can’t count how many times I’ve got lost just scrolling down my feed and seeing the stuff that’s suggested. Sometimes, yes, things get weird, but that’s what happens when so many people with so much passion post about their interests. Some of those interests  get oddly… specific… and specialist… yeah, let’s use those words.

72 george robotnik
Meme humour from RooTotalCrazy. This is also my idea of funny.

Tumblr organically introduced me to the work of Jim Benton, who I’ll talk about in a separate post.

Ironically, as I sing praises of Tumblr, I still have the same criticism of it to make that I made of  Instagram: it doesn’t feel like a good fit for uploading comic book pages. I can stick a few lo-res images in the same post to maintain the reading order, but when the quality goes up, the quantity has to go down. Not a viable long term solution. Still, for the time being, all my stuff goes through Tumblr now. This blog, the You Tube stuff, Instagram posts are just Tumblr posts.

So if you want to see the majority of my online content, look no further than Next time we will discuss Jim Benton. he’s a real funny cartoonist who is doing quite well for himself. See you there.


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