Summer Exhibition: Wild Card: Considerations

loud and proud

As stated previously, trying to simulate a Picasso, albeit only arbitrarily, is a tall order. I experimented with different colours and different compositions, and of course, forgot to make save states or take screenshots of those things. The thing with working digitally, is that it is very fluid. Every decision you make can be unmade. And not covered up, like old comic book artists had to do with white-out if they made a mistake. I mean undone. It’s as quick and simple and simply pushing a button, because that’s exactly what you do. I’ve never manage to train myself to capture all of these variations, successful and unsuccessful, as I do them.

The irony of this is that in the real-world, the people who give you your briefs will have no interest in how you get to the end result. However, watching the processes used to reach that end result is fascinating, both to those who wish to emulate, and those who simply want to know what the trick is. Like I said, ironic.


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