Stop motion and Screen printing

Acetate covered with some colouring pencils and a sugar paper silhouette. This was to test how different materials would handle the screen printing process. Alas, it remains unused.

Students were invited to create a small set out of a cardboard box and do some sort of stop motion animation. Unfortunately, the time allotted and the breadth of activities students were expected to undertake in one day was too exhaustive to finish during that time. One of my problems with the derive brief has constantly been this notion that I’m missing the point. Were constantly shown stuff that encourages a certain type of thinking, but sometimes it’s not clear if the processes were being shown and the way they’ve been used all supposed to directly influence our final outcomes or if they are supposed to show us potential options and nothing more.

The creation of a set in a box, as I understand it, is not a mandatory part of the brief, but on several occasions, we were shown things that made it seem like it might be. I’m constantly outside of my comfort zone as part of my university course, but I have to draw the line stop frame animation. I put together is set, rather badly, I might add, ran out of time and elected is to spend my time doing other things. The ratio of work put in to work put out is just too extreme for me when it comes to animation. If you’re going to do it you have to go all in, and that must be underpinned with a passion and a drive. Thanks but no thanks.

I’ll talk about my abortive screen printing workshop here as well. We spent the day trying to find new ways to screen print, but it’s a long, involved process. I ran out of time before I could prepare a screen and use it. For me, screen printing juxtaposes with Lino cutting in that one of them I can do my leisure in my own home, and one of them requires facilities. Arguably all I need is the actual screen printing screen, and I could then print on my proverbial kitchen table as well, but I feel like screen printing was developed for mass production and isn’t an inappropriate medium for producing just one copy of something.

I think a key part of being a professional is about knowing what tools to use and when it is appropriate. I have every intention of making and selling T-shirts some way somehow, but I think, until I start doing that, screen printing is something I’m not going to commit to. I was rather hoping of a final year student that I could start enhancing my strengths instead of continuing to jump into the deep end both feet first. Still, you can learn a lot about what you do like by what you don’t, so it’s all useful in the long run.


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