FMP:Early Research

The V and A exhibition by Elmgreen and Dragset

It was recommended I look at Punchdrunk theatre, Elmgreen and Dragset’s V and A show and Thomas Demand’s work with paper cut outs. Punchdrunk offer an interactive theatre experience where the customer enters the space in question and is effectively left to their own devices for a few hours. The actors and the sets can be experienced in whatever order the customer chooses. What you see and don’t see effectively become the narrative as you understand it.

Elm Green and Dragset’s V and A exhibition was the Gallery space created to represent a disillusioned architect’s apartment. Gallery-goers interact with the space as they saw fit. The narrative was presented through the items in the room and the gallery-goer’s interpretation of the significance of those items.

Thomas demand takes photographs of 3-D spaces and then replicates the spaces with 1:1 scale photographs of those spaces. These three examples represent potential avenues I could pursue both in terms of production models and the user experience my FMP will generate.

The way Demand uses large images to represent scenery is a lot like how I was planning to do the walls of my room. Perhaps using rolls of paper with illustrations on them to represent a 1930s detective’s office complete with New York skyline visible through the shuttered windows. The same psychology that the V and A exhibition use would be in my work as well. You would get a sense of who the detective is from the empty whiskey bottle, the full ashtray, the photographs in his office, etc etc. Punchdrunk’s use of space could become relevant if my single room was to become a series of rooms, such as a crime scene, jail-cell etc etc.


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