FMP: Suspect Rap Sheets

It’s a web of intrigue. Only you can unravel it!

What exactly the people are supposed to do in my comic book room has always been up in the air. Interactivity is rather important, so I had considered whether the people would be fellow detectives working the case, suspects, or maybe simply observers. The more work I created for my FMP, the more appropriate it seemed that the people involved be co-detectives. After all, who doesn’t love solving a mystery?

As I was creating assets to use for my promotional video for my FMP, it seems like a good idea to include suspect rap sheets and use some of my newfound knowledge I gained from my research into film noir for my dissertation: character tropes like the femme fatale and what not. We all have a stereotypical idea in our head of how detectives take their notes, from TV, films and video games. I tried to play to those stereotypes in creating my own rap sheets. There is no cohesive narrative at this point, merely the facade of one. That sort of is the point of a proof of concept after all.

The characters are actually based on actors and actresses from old noir films. Rather famous ones actually. It’s not very often I find myself in a position where I find myself opting to support the commonly held perception of anything, but I think a lot of the draw of certain elements of film noir is that they meet our expectations. If this comic book room was to happen, it would be most certainly a commercial venture, whether participants were expected to pay or not. That reality certainly is colouring my thinking. And if I know anything about anything, I know that the nostalgia sells. Just ask the video game industry. And Hollywood. And everyone else.

These mugshots bring up something very exciting and challenging about storytelling in general: when telling a story involving professionals, your story always comes off more competent when you have an understanding of how those professionals actually do their job, or at least play to the common perceptions of how they do their jobs. As I am trying to not only create the art style for a location, but reference a genre of movie with all of its idiosyncrasies, as well as do justice to the professions involved, mainly the detective, there’s an awful lot to learn and represent. Like I said, exciting and challenging.


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