FMP: More Research

Calvin and Hobbes reimagined in 3D

During my time with Mark Collington, Head of BA Animation, he showed me a few interesting things. One I have already mentioned a couple of times is this. Calvin and Hobbes in 3-D. It is the closest thing I have come across that matches the thinking behind my FMP. It’s a rather rudimentary 3-D model that mimics a 2-D comic book page. I am also seeking to mimic a comic book page in a simple and novel way. The original idea of my FMP is for people to enter this room, Have a look around and go “Wow. This is pretty cool.”

Another thing Mark showed me was a stop-motion animation about Tchaikovsky that also used light projections. They were used to represent Tchaikovsky’s past, a little bit like home movies, well they were home movies, I guess. The images are shot right on top of sets in the background and are an excellent example of matching the medium to the idea you are attempting to realise. The thoughts are difficult to pin down. They float, they drift and representing them through projected images captures both the impermanence and transitory nature of them as well as borrowing from the semiotic nostalgia of seeing old movies of your past.

Marc showed me another example of the power of projection with the Icebook. A simple set is created out of paper or card which is transformed when the projector is turned on. You can create some very interesting narratives when you can incorporate moving image in unexpected ways in unexpected places. If the budget and ambition was to grow for my FMP, I could use Millumin or something to create back stories for the characters in my noir tale. Or vignettes to promote it and play them on the side of dilapidated buildings in the middle of the night, or something equally dark and grim.

Being a good designer is little bit like being a good magician. You can achieve great results and create a sense of wonder by being unconventional and dynamic. Easier said than done, right?


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