FMP: Millumin

Millumin sending commands to a projector to turn this pile of packaging material into a set.

Millumin is a program designed to work with the light projectors. It allows you to project moving images onto a wide variety of surfaces, even if those surfaces have an irregular shape or are in-fact several different surfaces. Mark Collington, the head of BA Animation gave me a quick run through some of the basics. It’s not so different from something like Adobe Premiere Pro. A big part of film noir is dramatic lighting. While the room would be full of objects which would all be white with black outlines on all the edges to represent being drawn by ink pen, there would have to be some overall affect applied to the room to represent the chiaroscuro lighting so frequently present in noir films.

I spent an afternoon trying to figure out how I could apply this technology to my concept and as Mark showed me things to consider, my opinion swayed heavily when shown Calvin and Hobbes in 3-D. While Millumin offers a great deal of flexibility to rescale what I do, I would run the risk of damaging the interactivity of the experience. If the participants aren’t allowed to go into certain places because they block the projectors, I’m not sure I’d be happy with that. It’s also a technical and logistical cost that might not be necessary. Also, only the animation department has access to Millumin, so it would be something of a tall order to expect to become proficient with it in my given timeframe and with my general lack of access to it.


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