FMP: Final Outcome: White Room Poster

Don’t actually go to Colbert street. I made that up.

Since my FMP is more about the user experience of my comic book detective room, then simply the art direction of it, it seems appropriate to think about the promotional material one would use to well, promote the experience. I looked at a lot of old film noir posters and found a great deal of them were in colour, and not particularly well constructed and wouldn’t really help me get across what I was trying to do if I was to emulate them.

I did come across a fantastic poster for the Big Sleep which played to my preconceptions of what a good film noir poster should look like. After using film noir actors as the basis of my characters, using this poster to borrow the semiotics of it seems like a good idea. I created two versions. One with the text on the wall in the background, And one were the text was just text, in it’s own plane of existence. 1001 fonts had a pretty good noir font which again played to stereotype, since plenty of fonts used for film noir title cards and posters where not particularly evocative of the time period, or maybe what I mean to say is that they weren’t stereotypical enough. Is this what it means to join the dark side? Shouldn’t I be able to move the furniture with my thoughts or something?

Anyway, I applied some of the knowledge I picked up from reading a book from the library about typography dos and don’ts and applied a grid, hierarchy in the size of the font relative to the importance of the information and restricted my use of fonts to no more than two.

As I was assembling the elements to construct the poster, I was struck by how much I liked the black text on a white background. This was in no small part due to the fact I decided that my comic book room should be known as the white room. It’s a very cool name I think. Cool enough, in fact, to make up for the fact that my white room is black and white. I mean come on, it’s just not proper marketing if there isn’t an exaggeration or a pertinent omission somewhere right?


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