FMP: Final Outcome: Trailer

I had always intended to make a movie as my proof of concept for my final major project. My comic book room is a very difficult concept to grasp without concise explanation and even better, stuff to look at to make it real. The problem with video editing is that its quite complicated and time-consuming, and the more imaginative you are, the more problems you cause for yourself down the line when you have to figure out how to do that one really cool thing.

This year I’ve made three movies. In total I’ve probably produced 2-3 minutes of content? I’m hardly an expert but you do the best with what you know. I storyboarded a rough premise and then went about producing visual assets to apply to my sound files. It’s the first time this year I’ve actually had a soundtrack for a movie. It raises all sorts of issues specifically about copyright. It’s not difficult for me to create my own imagery or use my voice to say things, but I’m not a part-time Hans Zimmerman. I found what I could from Creative Commons offerings, and found that I didn’t want to adhere too closely to the stereotype of jazz music, really, because the Jazz I found was decidedly elevator music-y and and most decidedly not grim and cynical, which is what film noir is all about, really.

My movie is vague and evocative. I hope this comes across as a selling point, because that’s how it’s intended. It’s a risky strategy playing on the curiosity of your customers instead of offering them something that you know they can’t refuse. Whether it’s a better idea to be upfront or vague and mysterious is really something some focus group testing could resolve later, I mean if this ever went that far.


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