FMP: Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D contains lighting models and all sorts

After seeing a 3-D representation of Calvin and Hobbes, I was really taken with the idea of trying to do that myself. The very nucleus of my FMP is a 3-D representation of a 2-D medium designed to replicate reality. Adobe After Effects allows the user to create a 3-D space and position both cameras and lighting in that space.

The idea of having a camera (representing the participant) walk around this room I wish to create is a very powerful promotional tool. The idea in my head is that of the viewer walking towards the back of the room and walking past the detectives desk. After Effects would allow me to have the camera moves towards the back of the room, but unless the table is a 3-D object, the camera can’t go around it.

Cinema 4D is a 3-D program of immense power used to creates all sorts of things for movies. It would not tax the abilities of the program to create a simple 3-D room with 3-D furniture. My abilities however, would be very taxed. I watched some YouTube tutorials explaining the basics but found that the idea of using Cinema 4D was becoming increasingly undesirable. It was supplanted by the notion of going back to basics and trying to make something out of paper and card. After all, the best way to show a real world representation or something is to make it in the real-world. I’m sure I’ll come back to cinema 4D. 3-D modelling is on my Bucket list just like video editing and voice acting. I don’t intend these things to become my central focus, but I do intend to have a go.


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