Final Outcome: Derive Movie

The second final outcome for this project was to create a movie to accompany the boxed sets of six prints the capture the experience of location. When I went on the Jack the Ripper tour, I recorded a great deal of audio. It was incredibly interesting, Firstly that people would pay money to walk around London and it Have some guy’s point at the floor and say this is where jack the ripper killed this person. On top of that, there was a surprising amount of humour, albeit gallows humour, throughout the walk.

In trying to capture the experience of the place, I tried to avoid making Jack the Ripper the Central theme of the video. It’s more about the relationship between the people who are going on the walk and the place itself. There were almost constant police and ambulance sirens being heard in the background. I’m not sure how successful this is, because it’s difficult for me to look at it objectively, but the very least, you can expect to have a chuckle, and I will say, making people laugh is very high on my priority list in life in general, and if my work is making people chuckle, then that is part of my unique selling point and bodes well for my future professional endeavours


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