Final Major Project: Pro Forma

The rough outline of my initial FMP

Final year students must pass four individual sections to successfully complete the year. Final major project (FMP) is one of those sections. In effect, it is the portfolio piece of the graduating student, where they take everything they’ve learned on the course and apply it to their final project. The student is expected to write their own brief so it’s not just about doing the work, but also about Time management, organisation and ambition.

To assist students in this endeavour, they are asked to completes a pro forma document outlining they are plans for their FMP. Before the year started, I received advice ,which I regarded as rather good, which was to link my FMP to my dissertation, creating a stronger body of work as a whole.

My dissertation was on film noir and was actually about breaking it down so I could create a film noir comic book for my FMP. Aware of how poorly the idea to produce a comic book would be received, I also included the rather novel idea that had occurred to me of creating a walk-in comic book page/panel in the real-world. It’s a difficult concept to grasp, even for me, and it’s my idea. I think ultimately you’ll see what I mean. I still struggle with the notion that my final major project of my BA illustration course sees me doing something so far out of my comfort zone, but oh well.


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