Digital Retouching

I added green to the scarf in post production. The fence as well.

As a result of both the medium and my lack of experience with it, My lino cuts were always going to be somewhat crude. At some point I had the idea of taking my lino prints and adding finishing touches to them after-the-fact. Just because the brief says I have to use a certain medium doesn’t mean I have to be held back by my inability to do it justice. To that end, I’ve taken my prints into photo shop to help tell my story in more understandable way. I think this is very much in example of understanding what’s going on in my head but maybe not necessarily representing it purely through the work I’ve created. Which is to say: I know exactly what this is, but who says you do?

I added green to the scarf of the Jack the Ripper tour guide an added certain elements that would’ve been too difficult to render with the lino cutting tools like the chain link fence and one of the pictures. Did I mention this is based on a Jack the Ripper tour I took and the experience of it, the place and the people? I probably should’ve said that earlier shouldn’t I? But that’s the great thing about art: now you know what it is, but you might prefer your version from when you have no idea what it was. Just like Batman, there’s a version for everybody.


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