Boxed Derive

All the grooves on the box make cameras queasy when they look at this.

As previously stated, the first part of our Final outcome was to be a boxed set of images. I played with the idea of making my own box, but I’m terrible with my hands, which can be rectified easily enough, but not within this given timeframe. I would hate to spend more time working on the box than the stuff to go in the box, so I bought a box. However unprofessional the contents maybe, at least the container meet certain Standard. It’sA4 sized, and I think my series of prints which are something like and minimalist Gallery display sort of thing, synergise quite well. But hey that’s just my opinion. The title on the box: we drop you anywhere, is a taxi sign I saw during the walk. Keeping with the gallows humour that was integral to the tour itself, it’s almost a message from Jack the Ripper saying I deliver corpses all over the place: I’ll drop you(r corpse) anywhere. It’s the wittiest thing you’ve ever heard isn’t it? I know, I know. However will you continue your life knowing it’s just peaked? Trying to link the tour to the people to the place is no mean feat. At least there is a little bit of wordplay in here. And since we were only allowed to use either letterpress or found fonts, he makes the best of what you can find. Honestly, letter pressing the title would probably cripple me, since nothing stops me in my tracks harder and longer than having too many options.


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