Design Competition: Internship: The little things

A HTML stripper I was asked to use. Don’t I take you to all the most glamorous places?

I assumed the hard work when it comes to being a freelance writer would be in having to write something worth reading. How wrong was I? Angharad showed me the process I would need to go through to upload what I write to the Grafik website.

Grafik uses something called Protein to manage their online content. It’s an awful lot like WordPress, except Word press is easier to use. I would also need to strip the HTML code from my text using a website designed for that very process. I can’t really tell you why, but when your boss says ‘do it’ you do it. Nothing quite makes what you do real like all of the ridiculous mundane things you have to do, to get it published.

Dancing in the rain (you know, like the film) is a wonderful fantasy, but once you’ve done it, you realise how muddy your shoes get. You also get wet. It’s part of the package. You can look forward to sitting around the table in the pub and exchanging war stories with your colleagues on day.


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