Design Competition: Internship: My SPOT cards

SPOT cards: cards with perforated circles that you push out to make your own designs.

As part of the competition to win SPOT cards from Alex,  readers needed to create their own designs using a PDF they could download from his website. It was most encouraging, when I found I couldn’t help myself and had to have a go myself. I just did the first three things that came to mind, I cheated a little and inverted the white to black with the space one, but hey, what’s the point in having photo shop if you’re not going to use it?

‘Ground control to Major Tom’ indeed.

I was listening to David Bowie’s Space oddity, so yeah, spaceship. The next one is of satan worshipping cartoon dog Mr Pickles. Some sentences just make your life complete. That was one of them. The last one is of Optimus Prime. I tried to see if I could recreate Hokusai’s wave, but you can’t have everything.

Mr Pickles. Telling you any more would be hazardous to your health.
Optimus Prime. If there is a god and he is all powerful, I bet he turns into Optimus Prime once in a while. I would.

I do very much like working within a system to do something unexpected. It’s more of the case of wanting to take that system and do something that me and my friends would like, but, like I said earlier, the cornerstone of good business is knowing your demographic, and how to reach them. I am my demographic, well, people who like what I like. You know what I mean.

The article that accompanies the competition can be found here.


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