Design Competition: Internship: First Assignment: The Exposed

The Exposed Issue 2 edited by Henriette Kruse.

My first article was on a magazine called The Exposed. And in keeping with tradition, something went wrong immediately. You see, the magazine was intended to be read in conjunction with an app on your iPhone. Problem is, I don’t have an iPhone.

Etienne Malapert’s article on traveling through a city during a sandstorm.

Trying to present to the facade of professionalism, I’ve visited the websites, read the magazine and ruminated on what questions I would ask the editor-in-chief Henriette for our email interview about the publication. Trying to keep the article moderately light, while allowing Henriette to say everything she needed to say would prove to be an interesting challenge, but the thinking process that goes into making things seem effortless is something I very much like. Trying to match the tone to the other articles so it doesn’t look out of place on the website was another consideration.

Louis De Belle’s article on the physical paraphernalia that accompanies Catholicism its self contained economy.

Having a system you need to stick to is liberating sometimes, because it means you don’t have to worry about every little aspect of what you do. It’s your job to do the best in the areas that are left to your discretion.


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