Design Competition: Internship: Conclusion

Now is the time for deep, critical thinking.

So far, I’ve done three articles for Grafik. (four if you count last year’s). All three of them have been predominantly other people’s words. It’s the easiest and most effective thing to do, but it does feel like a wasted opportunity to hone my independent writing skills.

I suppose that is a very keen critical reflection about being in the workplace in the first place. It’s your job to do your job. Self-promotion and enhancement has to play second fiddle to the needs of the client or boss or whatever. They say you can’t please everyone all the time, only half the people all the time or all the people half the time. Maybe that quote’s about lying to people, actually? Whatever. I definitely know that’s writing will be a part of my future always and working with Grafik has shown me a way in which I might get to interact with interesting people doing interesting things.

I don’t regard what I’ve been doing with Grafik as work, so I’m undecided if I should ask Angharad if she would allow this arrangement to continue, or if doing a free internship indefinitely is a conflict of interests for me. We’ll see.


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