Design Competition: Internship: Being professional

The Exposed Issue 2 edited by Henriette Kruse.
Matthew Broadhead’s article on locations on this planet that look alien.

After being tasked with conducting an interview with Henriette Kruse about  the new issue of her magazine, I managed to borrow an iPhone offer friend, after realising almost no one I know who is easy to get a hold of has an iPhone.

I’m sure there’s really deep socio economic, political and what-have-you reason for that, but I think contentious statements are best left on twitter right? The experience of reading a magazine with the app was fundamentally different to reading it without it. It was a considerably good idea to hold off on asking my questions until I got the full experience.


Alia Ali’s article on textiles and their cultural significance.

I will confess I did find that the palaver required for me to have this experience did leave me with a somewhat negative response to the whole thing. The magazine had removed the body copy, the text, that would normally have accompanied the pictures. Using the app on the pictures would play an audio file that was clearly the text that was supposed to be accompanying those pictures. All of the audio files were read by one person, clearly not the author of the words, and their delivery was somewhat flat.

It is worth noting that the issue I was reviewing was only the second, and that this technology is still emergent. I have no doubt that the problems I encountered are growing pains, so I chose to avoid my own personal dissatisfaction with the experience as a whole and do my job: help promote The Exposed as an interesting alternative to both print based media and digital media. It’s nice to know I can be professional sometimes. Maybe one day, I’ll be professional full-time.


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