Design Competition: Internship: SPOT cards

Alex Swain’s website. He’s famous for his ‘A’ shaped furniture.

Alex Swain is a minimalist furniture designer. I think he’s also an acquaintance of Angharad. He got in touch with her to promote a new idea with his which he calls SPOT cards. He was hoping to do some sort of promotional thing with Grafik and that’s where I come in. Neither of us really knew what it was we were trying to achieve.

SPOT cards: cards with perforated circles that you push out to make your own designs.

Learning on-the-job is part of the fun, so we found ourselves figuring it out as we went along. And here comes a summary of the design industry as a whole: I think that’s what they all do: figure it out as they go along. Well that’s one more mystery solved. Where’s my scooby snack?


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