Design Competition: Internship: Protein CMS

The Exposed Issue 2 edited by Henriette Kruse.

I tried to ask Henriette questions that would both introduce her to readers but also allow her to really promote the thinking behind the publication. The real work began when I had to take what was written and put it through Grafik’s online content manager. It’s effectively just like uploading a blog post, except it’s rather finicky. Angharad gave me the specifications for all images to be used as well as how to treat the text, so all I had to do was follow the instructions. The problem with their platform is that, every time you add an element, be it an image, some text or anything like that, you run the risk of it no longer saving your progress.

Protein Content Management System. How you go from word documents to working web pages… Eventually.

I effectively had to upload the Article 3 times, and it was only by stopping to say in between every single added element, that I finally got to the end of the process. Sometimes limitations let you focus on excelling in other ways, like Grafik has a policy of two word titles. It’s hard work but sometimes you strike gold and you know it. But sometimes, limitations are just… limiting. But once you know, you know. And knowing is half the battle. Go Joe!

In case you want to actually read the article I’ve spent three blog posts talking about, here it is.


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