Design Competition: D&AD New Blood Awards: Research: Picasso

Example of Picasso’s work. A cautionary tale of using google images to find stuff. Now I can’t reference it properly!

Keeping with the notion of the visual metaphor, the idea occurred to me that the only thing that should be in colour should be the artwork the main character produces at the end, to emphasise its significance in his life, and as the message of my poster series. In refusing to enforce the law or to help propagate the species, it seemed only natural our artist would be somewhat avant-garde. And who is more avant-garde than Picasso? Don’t answer that. Comic books are all about clarity, and by linking my character to one of the most famous artists ever, it should ensure that my message is received with no confusion. To that effect, I put my protagonist in Picasso’s famous striped shirt and had him paint the portrait of his parents in some sort of abstract manner.

Pablo Picasso in that striped t shirt of his.

Picasso spent decades trying to recapture a child-like approach to art. Attempting to mimic him for my final panel was rather difficult. I had a look at a few of his abstract paintings to get a sense of what colours and shapes he tended to use, but honestly, as long as you can see both eyes on the same plane of the face, with the nose were the ear should be, you can probably figure out what it is I’m trying to do.


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