Design Competition: D&AD New Blood Awards: Research: Hospitals, police uniform, etc

Example of hospital reception area

One of the joys and challenges of being an illustrator, and specifically a comic book artist, (or storyboard artist or whatever) is that you will regularly be asked to draw things you haven’t drawn before. The only way for me to depict a hospital is to look at real hospitals. The only way you can tell my pigs are the police, is if they are wearing a uniform that looks like an authentic police uniform. I had a notion that the main character’s parents would be some sort of typical 1950s American family, so that would need me to ensure their clothes and hairstyles matched the time period I was seeking to emulate, even if only vaguely.

British police uniform

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people say ‘the devil is in the details’. I also think I’ve heard people say ‘God is in the details’. Either way, just like trying to capture someone’s likeness in an illustration, it’s the little things that matter. Where the pockets are on a doctors jacket, The shape of the colour, the cut of trousers from the 1950s, hairstyles, obviously.

Example of hospital signage

Whether hospitals actively display clocks on their wards, or if there is a particular reason they don’t. Research is great, because it’s learning. And you know what they say about knowledge? Its power. And I don’t know about you, but like Virgil from Devil May cry 3, ‘I need more power’.


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