Design Competition: D&AD New Blood Awards: Final Outcome: Page 2

Second page of my poster comic

My police-pigs are not meant as an overtly political jibe at the police, merely an obvious joke in keeping with long-standing tradition. Actually, I’m not sure there’s a difference. Unfortunately, right before the deadline for the competition, a police officer was killed in the terrorist attack at Westminster. And while my little joke is surely harmless enough, a designer should always be aware of the context surrounding the work they produce. I toyed with the idea of simply not entering the competition for fear of potential backlash, but ultimately decided to enter.

The brief explicitly said not to use words, and I have used them on both the first and second page. I don’t think I give the game away by having a police van that says ‘police’ and the ‘no beds’ joke, is a joke.   the designer conforms to the brief where it is necessary, but bends the rules to enhance the end result. The hard earned wisdom, I believe, is entirely inferred through the imagery.

I spent much of my development process trying to create my characters, but on both this page and the first, the landscape did need to be considered. You can tell the rabbit, fox and mole are being addressed at the side of the road from the van being parked and the pavement nearby, but I found I couldn’t just leave the ground they’re actually standing on blank and white. I added wavy lines to simulate texture. It goes back to my earlier attempts to ensure that white space was about the composition of the images and not indicative of incompletion of the images.

I’ve always wanted to make contemporary statements through illustration like David Foldvari and all the caricaturists and the like who’ve worked for things like Punch Magazine or Mad Magazine. I feel like the work I want to make should contain elements of wit, parody or satire, humour and just a touch of class. Showing the police as aggressive, domineering bullies is not going to set the world on fire any more than it’s going to surprise anyone, but it’s a step in the right direction.


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