Design Competition: D&AD New Blood Awards: Final Outcome: Page 1

The first page of my three page poster comic.

Once I figured out where everything should go, it’s became an issue of how to render it well. It’s a very difficult thing to tell a story with no words. And looking at the first page, you really do have to hit the ground running. I think I did a decent job of filling the white space with details that enhance the scenes. I did cheat a little and use crosshatching to create a sense of texture in the first and last panel, but I’ve seen it done in the comic book industry, so it’s only adds to my sense of professional conduct.

The bottom panel has the main character’s hair extend out of the panel. This is a technique regularly employed in comic books, usually to enhance some sort of action scene by having the characters come out of the panel and towards the reader, like some sort of bar-room brawl. Even though I don’t use it for that purpose, I am very much using the vernacular of comic books yet again.

One thing I picked up from Blacksad was how to put animals in human clothes. The way the fur goes over the collar of the dog doctor, I owe entirely to Juanjo Guarnido. I think you can tell its hospital, but more research and development would’ve been nice. The incidental characters definitely help. I’m encouraged that, with enough time and dedication, I will be able to achieve a level of skill and competence to become a full time comic book artist. 


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