Design Competition: D&AD New Blood Awards: Development: Second page

Figuring out where people go. Sometimes you need to leave yourself notes

It’s around this time I inadvertently start increasing the line weights on all the characters. I still haven’t figured out the preferred method for producing clean, fluid, black lines of appropriate weight in my digital work. The best I can manage is to, not unlike sculpture, put down many black lines, knowing one of them is the right one, and then erasing all the other ones to end up with the one I want.

The new standard of thicker line weight starts to emerge

This is the tightest I’ve ever managed to get these lines to date. It still feels like an unnecessarily labour-intensive approach. I am aware Adobe Illustrator has tools that allow graceful, weighted illustrative line work, but one must sacrifice a certain amount of control in where the line goes, and what it looks like.

 It would take a great deal of experimentation across a great deal of different mediums, both digital and analogue, before I have closure on this issue. I also expect it will be temporary closure. I will no doubt, come across something new that will become my new favourite thing, like my Pentel brush-pen for instance.


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