Southampton: Riso Poster

My first final outcome for the Southampton Project

Students were asked to create a riso poster and movie for the final outcomes of the Southampton project. As my movie was about John Taylor’s horse and carriage journey from London to Southampton, I decided to take some of that imagery to incorporate into my poster.

The text in the background is a page of advertisements for carriage journeys from London to Southampton, and other places. As required, I managed to combine one layer of my own work with content from the Southampton shared Google drive students had access to.

I’m never going to be comfortable using the riso printer. It’s niche, prone to paper jams and really for people in the mindset of producing small scale publications for immediate distribution. We also don’t seem to have a reliable source of paper for it. Did I mention it likes to screw up when printing? See how those two problems could be multiplicative?

My first attempts at producing a poster were disastrous. I was given speculative advice by staff and didn’t take artistic control. What I ended up with was dreadful. The ink of the separate colour prints just turned into a muddy mess. A couple of my colleagues had mocked up layouts using the university text, which were clean and controlled. I followed suit, picking a combination of images and preparing them for print in a way which would be foolproof.

I’m quite happy with the results. Aren’t you?


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