Southampton Project: Final Outcome: Movie

During the English civil war in the 1600s, royalist poet John Taylor journeyed from London to Southampton on his way to visit the deposed King of England Charles I.  I’ve turned his poem about it into a short movie.

I broke the poem into couplets and storyboarded visual accompaniments to them. I tried to balance good ideas against my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to working with video.

In the two to three days it took to create my one minute, I learned how to source audio, video, combine multiple audio and video layers, add in some animation stuff and all sorts. There were two main reasons why this was possible: the first was a great introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro by Ricardo, one of our tutors and the second was my familiarity with Photoshop. Understanding layers and how they work together with each other as well as knowing what I could import into Premiere Pro from Photoshop and what options I would have with that stuff greatly helped.

It wasn’t necessary to go to such lengths for this piece of moving image. We could have just done a slideshow or a movie using only found content. I know one student took a clip from a movie, mirrored it and turned it, effectively into a piece of fine art. It couldn’t have taken him more than half an hour, but, different strokes for different folks.

I’ve long wanted to get to grips with video editing. It’s rather complicated and time consuming, especially if you’re creating your own assets to use, but it’s a really great thing to be able to do.

I look forward to doing more. I need to work on my ratio of time put in, to work put out. I’ve always avoided animation for the same reason: takes too long to get acceptable results.

Who’s Colt Cougar, you ask? Well… send your answers on a stamped addressed envelop to…


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