Reportage: Research: Martin Parr

Example of Martin Parr’s style of social documentation through photography. From his website homepage

Martin Parr is a British photographer best known for his documentary or anthropological approach to his craft. His collections documenting the working class in leisure during the eighties courted controversy for being perceived by some as being exploitative of his subject material.

His work is of social and historical significance, as it is an archive of social classes, time period, Britishness, in an sense.

Martin Parr also looks at collections of nick-nacks and memorabilia. Taken from his website in the ‘archive’ section

I suspect we’ve been asked to look at Parr to show us how significant reportage can be, depending on what your subject of study is. I am always being told there is a large Bangladeshi community near the university campus. Doing a ‘Martin Parr’ with them would presumably be an acceptable area of investigation then?

Such endeavours are best not undertaken lightly. Let’s see what else is on the research list…


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