Making A Living Week: Accelerator

Simon, one of the Accelerator staff, doing his presentation

After all the designers, we had London Met’s small business and employability team speak to us for the rest of Tuesday. They’re called Accelerator and provide business advice to students and recent alumni. We had talks about what specific job titles we might end up with (ranging from employee to freelancer), we got tips on networking and got a little introduction to using contracts for commissions and copyright law.

We also had a depressing talk about CVs and cover letters. I’d hoped working in a visual medium would negate the worthlessness of my CV, but actually, it turns out I have to graphic design it, on top of everything else. Portfolio be damned.

The talks were extremely useful and provided clarity for things I’d been asking about for years. It’s unfortunate that students are only introduced to these highly knowledgeable people when they already have one foot out the door. Being aware of things like copyright and viable business strategies would (hopefully) help prevent some of the bad habits students tend to pick up working in the bubble of clientless briefs delivered by their course.

This was the end of our courses involvement with Making a Living Week. There was several more days of presentations, but they were aimed at architects and fine artists and the like. I will be contacting accelerator again in the future. At the very least, it couldn’t hurt to run my strategies for the future past them.


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