Hothouse Talk: Grand Visual

Page from Grand Visual website, showing the technical innovation that’s led them to work regularly with the likes of Disney

At the start of the presentation, students were told to stop taking notes and listen to the presentation being given. I think he misunderstood the situation. I don’t think people usually attend public speaking  events on their lunch-break with the intention of arsing around.  As a result, I don’t have the speaker’s name. He basically showed us a showreel of projects using motion sensor and enhanced reality technology to promote movies and companies with direct interaction with the general public.

There is no doubt Grand Visual are future facing trendsetters. I’m impressed by their core focus of staying at the cutting edge of the industry. My only question is: why were these guys coming in talking about Oculus Rifts and X-Box Kinects to a bunch of students on a course where digital is not central to the teaching philosophy?

It makes me double sad. When asked what he wished he’d done more of while still at uni, the speaker said ‘I wish I’d done more coding.’ Ouch. Excuse us while we go back to using a letterpress and gluing together bits of paper.

Grand Visual do very interesting stuff. I don’t think I’ll be reverse engineering a Xbox One any time soon, but at least they’ve given me a convenient cover story to justify a purchase…


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