Making A Living Week: Handsome Frank Illustration Agency

Jon Cockley. Frank couldn’t make it

The second speaker for Making A living Week was Jon Cockley, co-founder of Handsome Frank Illustration agency. He walked us through the origin of the company, the services they offer, and even showed us an example of a contract they use. He showed lots of great art and gave us advice on how we should construct our portfolios.

The team.

His examples were specific, and his advice was practical. He even mentioned copyright, which is something no one I talk to wants to talk about. Ever.

It was a very good talk for students to hear and really was unambiguous about what to expect working under an illustration agency’s umbrella.

The reason I’m being unusually terse here is because looking at the website and all the brilliant artwork has put me in a bad mood. Why am I not doing that instead of typography and collage?!?

I know why, but that doesn’t help the ten year old in me throwing a tantrum.  You go check out all the cool stuff and I’ll stay here and stamp my feet and gnash my teeth like any of the characters in Journey to the West when they get mad.

I should mention that the agency does not have an office, per se, and mostly functions due to the flexibility and variety of things like the Google suite: Slides and Drive, etc.  Despite that, they have an international clientele and illustrator-base. Very interesting what you can do with that old internet, eh?


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