Messing Around in my Sketchbook

While this blog is designed to show my working and thinking processes as I create work, it is still important to keep a sketchbook. Since I always end up doing things in photoshop, my sketchbook doesn’t tend to get filled up in an organic way. This week, I tried to fill some pages in my sketchbook and, since I’d effectively explained what I’d done on this blog, I ended up using my sketchbook to play around with layout.

A sample of images I found to use as a sort of mood-board for this years first project, arranged in three columns

I would like to design little books to accompany my work output this year, documenting my processes, research and final outcomes, however I lack the graphic design knowledge, In-Design experience, and mostly, the time to fix that.

Since I had so much raw imagery to print out to put in my book, I elected to print each image small, to save on costs. The most efficient way to do that was to print on a PC (gasp) and use the print wizard option to print multiple images per page. This left me with a large amount of small elements which I could attempt to arrange in an interesting way.


Final outcome page for our first workshop. There’s a four column thing going on here, ruined by the final image. Better luck next time.

I wouldn’t be the first person to let costs influence their design choices. Working within my means is a really strong part of my design ethos and why I use photoshop to paint and cringe every time I have to print out digital content that the whole world can see just to make sure one or two specific people can see it.

Experimental layout. Does this work? If the text was done in In-design, I think it probably would

I find myself in the very awkward position of having to do a greater deal of experimentation than I’ve ever done before, while simultaneously needing to present a singular design style which represents who I am and what I will contribute to the industry. This is brought into sharp relief right now as I hastily try to put together a portfolio to show employers to secure a work placement, that will represent a part of my final grade.

Wish me luck. I have I feeling I’m going to need it…


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