Adobe Premier Pro Workshop

I’ve always wanted to do some video editing, from comedic You Tube Poop to documentary style works, so having the opportunity to learn some basics on Adobe’s video editing program was very nice for me. Ultimately we were tasked with watching the above video and trying to recreate some of the techniques mentioned.

Since we were using Adobe stock footage with their watermarks on it, I’m unsure what the legal situation with posting that footage is. While I usually laugh in the face of copyright restrictions, Adobe do actually know where I live… and have my bank details

Also, the work I did is so basic, it doesn’t even really need to be viewed by anyone who won’t be grading it.

I have every intention of having a moving image showreel at some point, but I think we’ll wait until I have something worth showing.

Also had to run off and re-watch Inception. I recommend you do to. Get them Hans Zimmer BWAAWS from the source.


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