Shortlisted Ficciones Typografika Poster

After producing my poster series for consideration for inclusion on the Ficciones Typographica website, Sarah Boris asked me and a few others to revise our posters for a second round of shortlisting.

Final submission in black and white

This is what I came up with. Sarah suggested removing the gorilla from the image and concentrating on the letterforms. While this went against my earlier desire to make an image out of the letters of my question, that ambition had already been achieved and was ‘banked’, if you like, in the previous versions.

I set about trying to fill the space with my question in a way that was awkward to read, but not illegible.

In a somewhat bizarre turn for me, I don’t feel the need to speak further on this. I did produce a yellow variant on this which was meant to be used, so here it is…

Yellow variant of my poster.

I believe my dislike for type as the core focus of any work I produce simply stems from my unfamiliarity with how to utilise and modify it to suit my sensibilities. Hopefully, going through this project has given me a bit more experience and familiarity with what I can do with type and what type can do for me. When the next type based project rolls around, then we shall see how my bread is buttered…


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