Studio Cuture Week – Print Club London

After Ditto Press in the morning, we went to Print Club London. We were shown around by Fred, one of the founders. Print Club London offers screen printing classes and facilities for a modest price. They also offer office/desk space for the independent creative.

Fred commented on the value of being in the right place at the right time: ‘It’s amazing how much work you can get if you’re in the same room. Someone will be doing their work and then need someone with a different skill set and will just shout out “can anyone do that?”‘It is a microcosmic example of working as a designer; the more visible you are, the more work you will be likely to get.

Print Club London also sells artists’ prints online, taking roughly 40% commission on sales. Fred showed us the shelves where all the work is stored. It is quite the juxtaposition between the online presentation and the real world equivalent.

Fred also gave useful advice on print runs. ‘Always make print runs out of 50 or 100. If you make less, you can make more later’. He also suggested using 300 gsm or more paper that is ‘archival’, so it doesn’t yellow.

Visiting Print Club London provided another example of the real world approach to this thing called ‘art and design’. No two paths are the same and not all lead to financial security, but the more examples we see of ‘success’ in the ‘industry’ the more options we will all realise we have open to us.

Check out Print Club London’s online presence here.


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