The Art of Ping Pong

Original rough designs
Original rough designs
Chinese variants
Chinese variants

Branding and design agency Fivefootsix are holding a charity auction to raise money for BBC Children in Need. They work with established artists as well as up-and-coming talent. This year, one student from our university will have their work auctioned off with all the others.It goes without saying that this is a huge opportunity for whichever student gets selected. There will be huge amounts of press coverage as well as the opportunity to meet some if not all of the big names present at the auction. This is the kind of thing that starts careers.

However, it won’t be mine. As of writing this blog, I already know who’s been shortlisted for selection from the students, but never mind that, let’s talk about what I did.

When we were told we were going to design artwork for ping pong paddles, I instantly thought ‘the word “ping pong” in Chinese, white print on faded red background.’, so that’s what I did.

Then I found out ping pong was probably of British origin and, among other names, had been called ‘whiff whaff’. I instantly thought of Boris Johnson, and to my delight found he had been ‘whiff whaffing’ on the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

The feather fan design was a reference to famous Chinese military strategist Zhuge Liang. He was usually depicted holding a crane feather fan and I liked the idea he could play ping pong with it in the way Bruce Lee was depicted playing ping pong with nunchaku a few years ago in a TV advert.

For the whole story on Fivefootsix and their auction, check them out here.


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