Studio Culture Week – Ditto Press

Ben showing us around
Ben showing us around

Following on from Blog Week was Studio Culture Week, where all students in the second and third year of their illustration or graphic design courses visited a couple of professional design studios. Students were split into small groups and went to varying places with varying philosophies.

As the student studio I will be working in has a focus on publishing work, we went to Ditto Press. While they do create original work from start to finish themselves, they do make most of their money from printing the work of others using their risograph printers.

Ditto Press print room
Ditto Press print room

Ben, one of the founders of Ditto Press was very straightforward as he walked us through the ins and outs of what he does. They have a store front to display work, a printing room hidden from view in the back and an area to discuss work with clients.

Double page spread of a book on display
Double page spread of a book on display

Ben imparted some excellent food for thought with comments such as ‘I can teach you to be good at typesetting, but I can’t teach you to be interesting’ when talking about people he would work with, academic grades versus strength of portfolio, and so on.

He said something about some art students doing really well in the education environment but not being able to turn that into actual success upon leaving. This is a poignant reminder that having a degree is not the same as having a job, and we all need to make opportunities for ourselves now, not wait until we’ve graduated.

Ditto Press offer a variety of printing options for the independent creative, offer workshops in printing techniques, work with education and more. Check them out at their website here.


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