Ping Pong Paddle Selection Process

scale paddle front
Boris front
scale paddle back
Boris back









All students were asked to submit at least one 100% scale representation of their final idea, with consideration given to production processes for the Art of Ping Pong auction in association with Fivefootsix. I went with my Boris Johnson design because I like the ‘whiff whaff’ angle. As this is for charity, there’s a reasonable likelihood he’d allow his likeness to be used. It’s also topical and very ‘London’, him being the mayor and all.

Production process is something I struggle with. I think in terms of 2D pdf of jpeg, and this was no different. The obvious options are to draw the imagery straight onto the paddle, or produce some form of printout to stick on. As I write this, I have not resolved this.

The major concern is the type. Any mistake in printing it will mean it will need to be printed again on another paddle.

All students are required to submit a 3D object for a second auction of student made paddles that will be held at the Cass. More information will become available once the show has been organised. It turns out the students will be doing that as well. Wonderful.

For the low down on Fivefootsix’s Art of Ping Pong, which is the parent auction to our child, visit the website here.



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